QGEA Notices Jan 21

Dear members,

I hope this finds you and yours well. Apologies for the radio silence since the last broadcast, lockdown and lack of content placed a pause on my usual battle rhythm. Here are the most pertinent messages received throughout January.

1. Condolences.

a. 21159894 Cpl Sherbahadur Limbu sadly passed away, aged 71, on 23 Dec 20 in Dharan. He came from Mawangfe, Taplejung; enlisted into the Bde of Gurkhas in Sep 1970; was a member of No 22 Trg Party; and was thereafter assigned to 67 Sqn. As there were no QGE recruits in 1970, he initially trained with 10 GR. 19 recruits then transferred to QGE after the Pass Off Parade. They were the last recruits to be trained in Training Depot, Sungei Patani, Malaysia, before it moved to Hong Kong. Sherbahadur trained as C&J and Armourer, and spent his final years with the Regiment in that role. He retired in 1985.

b. Capt (Ret’d) Imanhang Limbu sadly passed away, aged 69, on 09 Dec 20 in Kathmandu. Imanhang came from Nesum Village,Taplejung. He enlisted into the Bde of Gurkhas in Oct 1965 as a boy soldier; was a member of No 19 Trg Party; and thereafter was assigned to 67 Sqn as a surveyor. Imanhang was awarded a BEM as a LCpl, for his work during earthquake relief operations in the Solomon Islands in May 1977. He was then one of the first personnel transferred to 69 Gurkha (Indep) Fd Sqn on its reformation in UK in 1981. He commissioned to Lt (QGO) in 1987, his last appointment being Asst Trg Offr in Hong Kong. On retirement in 1995, he settled in Godawari, Kathmandu, and took post as Recce Offr for KAAA (Pokhara). He was also very active in the QGE RAN and Perowne Trust Scholarship Committee (Nepal) .

c. 21166464 LCpl Krishna Gaha sadly passed away on 24 Nov 2, in his home at Nuneaton. Krishna came from the Palpa District. He enlisted into the Bde of Gurkhas in 1984; was part of 38 Trg Party; and was posted to 67 Sqn. He later became part of the MT Troop.

d. Mike Calvert sadly died on 27 Jan 21, after a brief spell in a care home in Beaconsfield. It will be some time before the funeral arrangements are known under current circumstances. If anyone wants further information, they should contact Dom Verschoyle via

2. Congratulations. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will be aware that several members of the Regiment, past and present, have been recognised in the New Year's Honours List.

Lt Gen Sir Tyrone Urch - KBE - In recognition of his role as Standing Joint Commander, in which he led the military’s contribution to the UK’s fight against COVID-19.

Gavin Edgerley- Harris (ex-Director Gurkha Museum) - OBE - For services to Gurkha and Military Heritage.

Anthony Price (brother of Graham) - OBE - For services to the energy storage industry

Rob Cross - MBE - For services to Gurkha Veterans

WO2 Birendra Khambang MM

3. Pahar Trust. Please find attached an email from Alan Sweetman of the Pahar Trust, which includes their newsletter. The main body of the email gives links to sign up and receive these newsletters directly.

4. QGEA Magazine 2021. I received the following from Andy Gooch, our magazine editor. To reduce the number of attachments I have cut and paste the contents of his calling notice here.

"Please can I ask once more for your support in furnishing me with Family News, articles, obituaries and anecdotes to fill this year’s Association Journal. Trying to juggle work while homeschooling 3 young children myself, I know how challenging things are for many at the moment and therefore, I will gratefully receive any contributions be they big, small or just some photos with a story to tell.

The serving Regiment has been immensely busy over the past 12 months and there will be the usual round up of their work and achievements and a look to the future in this year’s edition. However, due to the worldwide restrictions QGE social activities have sadly been curtailed and the opportunities to catch up with old friends diminished. So in this time of uncertainty, I really feel the Family News section is more important than ever. Please write and let others know how you are, and what you are getting up to.

All being well I will be featuring another former QGE base under the “What Ever Happened to” set of articles, although the exact location will be somewhat dependent on travel restrictions. Our Hon Sec, Ian Moore, has kept us updated throughout the year with the sad news of members who have passed away and I would welcome any contributions to help celebrate their lives.

Can I please ask that you do not delay in sending items, in order that I can start formatting them straight away. If this is not possible, can I please ask for all material by no later than Friday 16 April 2021

Finally, as ever a huge thank you for your continued support as there simply would not be a Journal without your contributions. I wish you all the best for the year ahead as we all start to emerge on the other side of the pandemic and I look forward to hearing from you.

Andy can be reached at/content should be sent to: The Forge, School Hill, LAMBERHURST, Kent, TN3 8DF. Telephone: 07841 507560. Email:

5. Film Screening - I am Belmaya. Charlie Martin of the Gurkha Museum has shared the following link. It regards a screening of ‘I am Belmaya’. A film, set in Nepal, 14 years in the making, which follows an uneducated young woman’s transformational journey from subjugated wife to award-winning documentary filmmaker. The virtual screening will take place on the evening of Tue 9 Feb.

6. Parbate. Please follow this link to the latest edition of Parbate. It includes articles from Ex GM Maj Purnasingh Tamang, who is now OC of the Brigade Language and Culture Wing; the boat operators' course; combat engineer training; Nim's assault on K2; and and the Brigade's support to COVID testing operations.

7. QGEA Dinner Night. Sadly and rather obviously, we have had to postpone the QGEA Dinner Night again. AS soon as we have a new, more certain date, we will share it. The plan remains to hold the event at Gray's Inn in London.

All the best and stay safe.


Ian Moore

Honorary Secretary

The Queen's Gurkha Engineers Association

07711 417666

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