Notices 13 March 2021

Sad news.

SSgt Belbahadur Gurung (75) sadly passed away on 06 Feb 2021 at his home in Pokhara. He came from Hal Hale village,Syangja; enlisted into the Brigade of Gurkhas in 1960 as a "boy soldier"; was a member of No 14 Trg Party; and was subsequently posted to 68 Sqn QGE. He qualified as a VM and spent most of his service with MT Tp. He was also attached to 50 Comd Workshop REME in Hong Kong. Bel retired in 1984, and then worked for a large construction company in Hong Kong for almost 12 years (as a mechanic supervisor). He then fully retired and settled in Budi Bazar, Pokhara. He was an active member of the "QGE A Team" in Nepal.

2. Falkland Island Anniversary Warning Order. The MOD and RBL have started to discuss their plans to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the FI conflict. As one of the key stakeholders, the BG have been asked to participate in the event. The current plans are as follows:

1. Date: 14 June 2022.

2. Loc: NMA Staffordshire

3. Representation: RBL will allocate tickets/invitations to the event.

4. Format: Details to be confirmed but it is likely to be along the lines of the 2020 Remembrance Day event.

5. Media: The RBL's intent is to have a number of media releases building up to the main event on 14 Jun 22.

Should anyone from the Regtl community visit the FI before 14 Jun 22, can they please make video recordings of any ceremonies which the RBL may call upon in the future. The exact format of the Jun 22 event will be shared in due course.

3. GBA Bhela. I have received the following from Col BG re the proposed Bhela this year:

We’ve spoken extensively about the Gurkha Brigade Association Bhela this summer. After consideration of all factors and discussion with our two 3*officers (GBA President and Col Comdt BG), we’ve made the decision to cancel the Bhela for this year. We’ve based this on: concern for public health, the demographic of our veteran community and their families, military force health protection and duty of care, the impact of the virus in the area local to Aldershot during the pandemic, and our collective responsibility.

4. Sleeping under the stars. Apologies, I am a bit behind on sharing member's messages. Whilst I missed sharing this in advance of the event, members may still wish to donate.

“Andrew Tuggey, one of five Welsh Ambassadors for Alabaré Homes for Veterans Cymru, (, which provides much-needed support for homeless veterans across Wales.

Alabaré is encouraging its supporters to participate in ‘The Big Sleep at Home’ fundraiser, The Big Sleep at Home - Alabare on Friday 5 March. Andrew, a Royal Engineer and Queen’s Gurkha Engineer veteran, will be sleeping outside under the stars that night, atop the 280m hill behind his home in his ambition to raise £10,000 for homeless veterans in Wales. He also is Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Gwent and former High Sheriff.

You may wish to support Andrew to raise funds for Homeless Veterans Cymru by contributing to his Just Giving Page at”

Sorry for not sharing in time Andrew. I hope you still get some donations.

5. Scarves for Falklands Veterans. A (crack 😀) team of knitting/crocheting ladies, who's outputs can be seen through the Facebook Page "Scarves for Veterans", have kindly offered to make a scarf in the colours of the South Atlantic medal, for anyone who holds the Operational Award. If you're eligible, i.e. have a SAM, please have a look at their page and get in touch.

6. An interesting piece of Regimental History. I received the attached image, via HQ BG, from General Pearson, of an invitation to a Dasheera Celebration invitation, which his parents received in 1954. Not sure anyone who was there will see this but interesting nonetheless. One for the archives Stu!

7. Job opportunity. Please find attached a job specification received from a farm in Kent. In short, the business, a farm with connections to the Regt and RE, runs plant which needs maintenance and development all year round. The position would manage, instruct, and motivate a team of student plant operators; run operational shifts (without guidance); give guidance on plant capability and usage; and look at potential enhancements to equipment and procedures. They are keen to talk to anyone with an MT or plant operator background, and believe that our soldiery would be a great addition to their team (work ethic, drive, determinatio, etc...)

8. QGEA website refresh. Gledhill saheb, OC 69 Gur Fd Sqn, has done some great work to refresh the QGEA website. It can be reached through (if it doesn’t work you might have to clear your browser cookies). It picks up the old website content (which is now closed) and works on both desktop and phone browsers. Whilst live, it is a work in progress. Mike is happy to receive feedback and suggestions for further improvements. Shybash Mike!

9. Call for help - History. 2Lt Greatorex, a troop commander in 70 Sqn is doing some research into Regtl history, specifically insignia, logos, roundel, etc, He has sought advice from the BG museum and looked through past journals but has found little to date. If anyone can help, please get in touch through me.

All the best...


Ian Moore

Honorary Secretary

The Queen's Gurkha Engineers Association

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